Monday, 5 March 2012

Splat Bears

5 Blue Splat Bears

Before you ask, I call them splat bears because they remind me of paint splats (especially the stereotypical clipart-type paint splats). I make these cute little 3 inch (approx.) teddy bears out of leftover scraps of fabric and stuff them with similarly recycled materials. ( Note: because they are not stuffed with child-safe polyester toy filling they cannot be considered as toys. But this doesn't prevent them from being really cute decorations, keyring attachments etc.) Due to the materials I make them from each bear is unique. Additionally, as you can see, I vary the design from bear to bear: some have ribbons and some will have keyring attachments. Also some splat bears have additional stitching detail ( like the ones on the right) and  I have plans to produce a few splat bears in the future with even more elaborate designs, such as embroidery all over their body and maybe even clothing items (bow ties?).

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