Friday, 30 March 2012

Scrabble Collage Collaborations

Ages ago me and Duncan stumbled across a communal/ collaborative project called book - for thirty-six weeks a sketchbook was sent between 4 artists - inspired by the idea of a collaborative sketchbook we decided to start one together... call it about a year later I realise that between us we've done half a page each, forgotten all about the sketchbook and subsequently buried it in amongst all my piles of art stuff.

Now considering how well me and Duncan work together and how often we work on our own individual projects whilst in the same room you'd think we'd be able to manage to do such a project, but I think we were over ambitious/ enthusiastic when we first saw 'book' and so failed to give ourself a theme or plan to keep the project together, plus you've probably noticed by now how much I flit between ideas/projects (He's just as bad for it).

So when the other day he described a project he'd heard about, ( something involving uni students being set a project where they could only work with lined paper, masking tape and white paint - he was a little vague on the details so they might have been allowed glue too) I had a bit of a brain-wave : I fancied starting a collage project where the media I  allowed myself to use was decided by a random external source (rolling of the dice, flip coins etc). A couple hours of animated discussion (with Duncan of course) produced a plan to use scrabble letters and the alphabet to dicate my mediums, each letter of the alphabet would be assigned a medium ( A for Acrylic...) and I would use scrabble tiles to decide the letters for each collage.

Since we'd hatched this project idea together it was fairly predictable that we'd both want to give it a go, each of us planning our own sketchbook of scrabble collage, but then a little thought occurred to me ( spurred by the fact I'd just unearthed the poor abandoned volume) why not revive the collaborative sketchbook? It's the perfect project for it, so thats what we're going to do : a collaborative scrabble collage sketchbook... if we ever get more than half a page done I'll post them up.

A sample of my cunning plan to avoid losing scrabble tiles whilst working on this project = photocopy and laminate them! ( I've been near teachers too long - the addiction to laminators must be contagious) 

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