Saturday, 24 March 2012

Portable Printing Boards

I now have my very own portable print board, (basically a slightly soft surface to use when printing) the portable factor is particularly handy for storage and space - the last thing I need is a massive print table crowding my already packed work space. Duncan kindly made these two print boards (one each obviously) from old drawing boards (donated - on request - from the school's technology department) which were then covered with neoprene (textiles department), a waterproof layer ( plastic tablecloth) and finally a plain white top surface (cotton sheet). The waterproof layer is to protect the neoprene from inks and similar, since its the neoprene that gives the board its soft surface it would be a bad idea to allow ink to dry on it - it wouldn't stay soft for long.

I'm now really looking forward to getting some printing done...
(incidentally to see duncan in action creating these/ anything I've left out check out duncan's post)

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