Thursday, 29 March 2012

Other things to do with half-hitch knots

You may recognise the purple and grey knotted yarn as a friendship bracelet, thats because it's exactly the same technique - the half-hitch knot. Both these items are part finished experimental projects involving the same knot used in the rag rug technique I waffle on about on a regular basis.

The left one (afore mentioned bracelet type) is going to become either a bag strap or part of a textile art piece ( it depends on the length when I run out of yarn).

The right one (the funny shaped thing) is far more interesting - its a piece of leftover balsa wood (from one of those little modelling kits of balsa wood - you know the ones that you use to make strange models of mice, helicopters or skeletons...) which I'm wrapping in a kind of string (using half hitch) that will then have other textile items combined with it to create a experimental art piece. It all sounds very confusing/ scattered I'm sure but when you see the finished thing - currently a product of my imagination- it will all become clear...

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