Thursday, 25 October 2012

New knitting skills

I may have been knitting for a few years now but there are plenty of skills still on my 'want to learn' list.       Knitting in the round (on double points not circulars) has always been high on the list, well up until now...

Helped by Duncan I started this sock, when finished it will be one of a pair (well as long as I knit the second one) of knee high/long comfy winter socks. They'll be simple slipper types as I'm not currently planning on turning a heel on them ( although heels are on my skills to learn list) but the important thing is that I become comfortable with double pointed needles/ knitting in the round - then I can make all kinds of knitted tubes!

We've also recently learnt a technique called mirror knitting, thanks to some videos on YouTube, essentially its an alternative to pearling - it produces exactly the same results as a pearl stitch but enables you to knit without the need to turn the work around. Apparently its quicker (not that I've found it to be) and great for knitters that dislike pearling, personally I like pearling but I do find knitting mirror a nice change from all that turning. 

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