Monday, 27 February 2012

Canvas Bag

I made this shoulder bag the other day as a gift for my old textiles teacher, its made using a canvas painting I abandoned half finished when I was a student ( at least 5 years ago), I removed it from the stretcher frame, hacked and machined it (complete with lining). In its former state it was a painting which my teacher hated, loathed, despised and ordered to be removed from her sight... looking back I can see her point ( its hardly my best work), though I'm still 'proud' of certain elements and the links to more recent works are fairly obvious: an affinity for the household object in abstracted formats. The happy news is that when I presented the finished article to my old teacher she didn't instantly throw it back at me or aim for the bin, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she secretly quite likes it (though its longterm wearability is questionable - the paint is already showing signs of abuse), plus its helped to re-kindle my interest in another of my old canvases ( a better one) that I now plan to finish painting! (the before and afters photos of which i'll post up soonish)   

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