Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lighthouse Wall Painting

Compass Inn have commissioned me to create a painting on one of the interior walls, the chosen image is of Winstanley's Lighthouse which was built on Eddystone rock in 1696, Eddystone is a famous Plymouth landmark. Smeaton's tower once stood on Eddystone (many years after Winstanley's light) before being moved to its current location on Plymouth Hoe. 

Winstanley's Light was made mostly of wood and was extremely ornate, it survived until november 1703 when a 'great storm' swept it away killing Winstanley who was visiting at the time. The version I've painted on the wall of Compass Inn is based upon the polygonal tower as it looked in 1699 after Winstanley had expanded the design.

To see the painting for yourself visit Compass Inn at 59-61 Bretonside PL4 0BD Plymouth

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