Monday, 16 April 2012

And Back to work...

Its been a bit of a rough couple weeks for me, so my creative production level dropped to bare minimum - a bit of spinning and one brief foray into watercolour were about the best it got.

Happily, the art engines are now ticking over once more (or at least revving) ,  so last night I got some of my older paintings up onto the hallway wall which means they're both stored and displayed rather than stacked on various surfaces, pushed from pillar to post and inevitably damaged.  Since it's the upstairs hallway the ceiling is nice and high allowing plenty of room for lots more paintings in the future: I intend the hallway to function as a working progress storage/gallery so not all the space will be used all the time and the paintings can be from different series or maybe even unfinished.  This is helped/hindered (depending on perspective) by my tendency to hang paintings close together (much like old estate houses with collections of dark oil paintings).

Strangely, ever since hanging these last night I've felt like painting, something I have't had the inclination to do since February (when I restarted the produce patterns canvas - enthusiasm for which is somewhat tidal = it comes and goes), I've been so absorbed in the school work and a major textile vibe that painting got sidelined a fair bit - hopefully not for much longer...   

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  1. I love dragging my old work out and hanging it up.


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